The cheese dairy

The cheese dairy at Val d’Ormeze was set up just after the farm of the ‘vallée de L’Orméze’, wich has been using organic farming methods since 1978.

Thanks to our herd of dairy ewe and an additional supply of organic milk, the cheese dairy at Val D’Ormèze offers you a complete range of organic cheeses made from ewe’s, cows and goat’s milk, produced using traditional cheesemaking methods.
From cottage cheese to semi-hard or hard cheese to tommes matured in cellars for several months. We cater for all tastes !

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Fromagerie du Val d’Ormèze
Ferme de la Passa
07270 Gilhoc sur Ormèze
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Fax : +33 (0)4 75 06 26 40
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